Anonymous asked:

Have we ever got a official thing with mogeko saying what wadanohara's real age was? Is wadda a little girl? Teenager? Over 100 years old??

I’m not sure. Please do not ask me such things, I might be a great fan, but I don’t know every thing Mogeko did or didn’t say. You could ask some translators such as seichiinara.

Anonymous asked:

How do I explain that I am neutral? I go on the Salwada tag and post there, sure, but I'm neutral. I have the feeling that my explanations will be taken by the spammers as a pathetic attempt to defend myself.

I apologize but I don’t think I understand what you mean.

Anonymous asked:

They called me a rape apologist and sent me death/rape threats all because I defended Salwada.

The best way to deal with it is to block them and ignore, or either turn off anon if it’s anonymous hate. I had a similar experience myself, and usually they are too narrow-minded to listen to reason.

However, you must remember that by its core, SalWada is an extremely unhealthy ship no matter how you look at it. The only way it isn’t is in the “nothing ever happened” AU, and that is it. As long as you don’t romanticize it or ship it for a fetish, I see nothing wrong in shipping it.

bubblewrap-chibi asked:

what happened to deep sea prisoner's tumblr, the link in your description is broken, so can you explain here, please? c: [also, your blog is fab, you go my friend. fuck hateful anons]

Thank you for letting me know, the one that had written the post had changed their URL so I had now fixed it. You can read it there.

Anonymous asked:

Please help! They are spamming the Salwada tags!

Hover on the person’s icon and you can find a place to block them. Then go to the settings and look at your blocked users list and report them for spam. That’s all, they will not show up in the tag for you anymore and you shouldn’t mind them.

Anonymous asked:

Japanese culture makes a very clear separation between fiction and reality, and treats fiction a lot differently than we do in the west. Basically, as long as it happens in a fictional setting, it's considered ok. For a Japanese person who grew up with this mindset, it could be very difficult to understand people being upset by a fictional occurrence and I'm sure that's where mogeko stands right now. It just isn't viewed the same at all&I don't think ppl realize how different the mindset is.

Thank you for the clarification. I hope you all read this, and I apologize for not replying earlier.

I apologize, I will not bring up the deal of the cultural difference again since I really do not have any hard evidence or research to show you on the matter.
On the other hand, I will not delete previous posts that mention it unless you do give me a concrete answer on the matter.

Thank you for the read, and please know that I really am trying not to offend anyone.

Anonymous asked:

To be honest that whole cultural difference thing is really just not...? It doesn't matter if the culture condones it; rape is still wrong. I understand that mogeko apologized and everything and I accept that but don't try to give them an excuse. It's an insult to rape victims.

I don’t find it as an excuse. The fact that their culture condones it makes it even more awful, really. I just think it’s a reason to try and be a bit more considerate when approaching this manner with them, since, unfortunately, they didn’t see what’s so wrong about it as much as we do because of the cultural difference.

Thank you for the input either way.

Anonymous asked:

just finished the game a few hours ago and looking to find out more about mogeko. is there anywhere we can find any of their posts? text ones are fine, related or not related to the picture that brought so much trouble.

Only through old reblogs and translation blogs, I believe. You can still see their art in their site. Most of their posts were replies to questions and artwork you can find in their site.